Always the ideal workstation – and optimal utilisation

It’s crucial for smart buildings and new workplace concepts alike: a smart link between the building and its users. And that’s exactly what the PULSE Core app offers: the ability to book a suitable, healthy workplace for yourself or your teams wherever, whenever. All in all, the app offers optimal convenience, certainty and productivity to employees, while keeping facilities managers in complete control of utilisation and availability.

The future of work is now

Hybrid, flex, agile or simply ‘new’ working – whatever moniker you prefer, it’s a simple fact that we’ve transitioned to a new way of using office buildings. Heading to the office en masse only to sit in the same spot every day? Sneaking past meeting rooms to see if one is available? That has all become a thing of the past. Nowadays, we want to decide where, when and with whom we work. We only want to work in healthy, pleasant places, and we want to be able to easily find colleagues and meet up with them.

Stay in control of where, when, and with whom you work

The Workspace app is a digital interface between buildings and their users. Employees can book an appropriate workstationanytime, anywhere and closely track comfort levels. Indoor mapping allows people to get to where they need to be quickly, while the Workspace app also tells them exactly where there colleagues can be found.

At the same time, all that real-time user data provides very useful insights into the building’s occupancy and capacity. Insights that offer managers opportunities to improve utilisation rates and lower costs. User apps will soon become a mainstay in all future-proof buildings, which revolve entirely around creating a healthy, sustainable and flexible working environment for satisfied users.

Convenience and health have never been more important

Your company or organisation can achieve this ideal situation today. The first step is easy to take: simply combine the app with stickers on workstations. For even more convenience, control and insight, you can expand the system with LED indicators and attendance & counter sensors, or add a parking reservation module as well.

You can make your users’ lives easier step by step, while benefiting from more data and opportunities for improvement yourself. The Workspace app is based on a proven solution that also already been adopted by tens of thousands of users. With the Workspace app, you’re all set for a future of flexible, smart working, and can use your buildings as efficiently as possible.

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