Data at the forefront of building management and maintenance

Every year, FACTO holds a Partner of Choice survey for and by its readers. With this they want to map out the purchasing behaviour in the sector. SPIE Netherlands (formerly Strukton Worksphere) ended up in the Top 5 in the Smart Buildings category, judged by the readers, and we are very proud of this position.

Data plays an important role!

“What kind of businesses do you prefer working with when it comes to Smart Buildings?” This question was answered by Facto | Platform for Facility Management and Real estate.

SPIE Netherlands (formerly Strukton Worksphere) answers the question. Maikel Nabuurs and Kees van Oosteren explain the importance of data in building management and maintenance.

Proud to finish 4th!

After the article was published, it was announced that SPIE Netherlands (formerly Strukton Worksphere) finished in 4th place in the Smart Building rankings. We couldn’t be more proud! With PULSE Core, we have our sights set on first place next year. 

Want to find out more about everything we do in the field of data and building management and maintenance? Read the article by our colleagues Maikel Nabuurs and Keest van Oosteren here.    

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